Taught Summer 2003 (with somewhat different syllabus)


Section One: Internalism, Subjectivity, Relativism, Error-Theory, Naturalism

Gilbert Harman, Chapter One of The Nature of Morality
Josh Greene et. al., "An fMRI Investigation of Emotional Engagement in Moral Judgment"
Gilbert Harman, "Is there a Single True Morality?" (short selection)
J.L. Mackie, Ethics (selections)
Michael Smith, Chapter One of The Moral Problem
Gilbert Harman, "Moral Relativism"
Alexander Miller, An Introduction to Contemporary Metaethics, 2nd edition, Chapters One, Two, Three, and Six

Section Two: Externalism, Realism, Open Question Arguments

G.E. Moore, Principia Ethica (selection)
Scott Soames, "Moore on Goodness and the Foundations of Ethics" in Philosophical Analysis in the Twentieth Century, Volume One
David Brink, Moral Realism and the Foundations of Ethics (selection)
Jamie Dreier, "Dispositions and Fetishes: Externalist Models of Moral Motivation"
Alexander Miller, An Introduction to Contemporary Metaethics, 2nd edition, Chapters Seven, Eight, and Nine
Terry Horgan and Mark Timmons, "Troubles on Moral Twin Earth: Moral Queerness Revived"
Terry Horgan and Mark Timmons, "Troubles for New Wave Moral Semantics: The ‘Open Question Argument’ Revived"

Section Three: Expressivism, Non-Cognitivism, Relativism, Disagreement

Mark Schroeder, Noncognitivism in Ethics (selections)
G.E. Moore, "A Reply to My Critics" (selection)
Jamie Dreier, "Meta-ethics and the Problem of Creeping Minimalism"
Robert Mabrito, "Review of Mark Schroeder, Being For"
Jamie Dreier, "Relativism (and Expressivism) and the Problem of Disagreement"
David Velleman, "A Relativist Metaethics"
Sarah McGrath, "Moral Disagreement and Moral Expertise"

Section Four: Reasons, Reasoning, "Ought", Conditionals

Stephen Finlay and Mark Schroeder, "Reasons for Action: Internal vs. External"
Judith Jarvis Thomson, Normativity (selections)
Niko Kolodny and John MacFarlane, "Ifs and Oughts"
Jamie Dreier, "Practical Conditionals"
Kieran Setiya, "Cognitivism about Instrumental Reason"
Jacob Ross, "How to be a Cognitivist about Practical Reason"
Christine Korsgaard, "The Normativity of Instrumental Reason"
Christine Korsgaard, "Realism and Constructivism in Twentieth Century Moral Philosophy"

Section Five: Agent-Relative Consequentialism and "Good"

Jamie Dreier, "In Defense of Consequentializing" (selection)
Mark Schroeder, "Teleology, Agent-Relative Value, and 'Good'"

Section Six: Constructivism, Fictionalism

Sharon Street, "What is Constructivism in Metaethics?"
Nadeem Hussain, "A Problem for Ambitious Metanormative Constructivism"
Nadeem Hussain, "The Return of Moral Fictionalism"