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by Mark Bryant Budolfson


co-author and co-editor, Food, Ethics, and Society: An Introductory Textbook With Readings, 2016, Oxford UP (with Anne Barnhill and Tyler Doggett)

co-editor, Oxford Handbook of Food Ethics, in press, Oxford UP (with Anne Barnhill and Tyler Doggett)

co-editor, Philosophy and Climate Change, forthcoming, Oxford UP (with Tristram McPherson and David Plunkett)


Inequality, climate impacts on the future poor, and carbon prices, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112: 15827-15832 (with Francis Dennig, Marc Fleurbaey, Asher Siebert, and Robert Socolow)

Optimal climate policy and the future of world economic development (with Francis Dennig, Marc Fleurbaey, Noah Scovronick, Dean Spears, Asher Siebert, and Robert Socolow), forthcoming in World Bank Economic Review

Optimal global climate policy and regional carbon prices (with Francis Dennig), forthcoming in Graciela Chichilnisky, Kristen Sheeran, and Armon Rezai eds. Handbook on the Economics of Climate Change, Edward Elgar Press

The Comparative Importance for Optimal Climate Policy of Discounting, Inequalities, and Catastrophes (with Francis Dennig, Marc Fleurbaey, Asher Siebert, and Robert Socolow), forthcoming in Climatic Change
The Ethics of the Marketplace and a Surprisingly Deep Question for Normative Theory: What are Consumers Required to do When Products are Produced in Morally Objectionable Ways? (This older paper has been superseded by the preceding three papers.)

Consumer Ethics, Harm Footprints, and the Empirical Dimensions of Food Choices, in Philosophy Comes to Dinner, 2015, Routledge

Are There Counterexamples to Standard Views about Institutional Legitimacy, Obligation, and What Institutions We Should Aim For?, APA Philosophy & Law 14: pp. 1-4

Why the Standard Interpretation of Aldo Leopold's Land Ethic is Mistaken, and How to Correctly Interpret his Views on Sustainability, Preservation, and Conservation, Environmental Ethics 36: pp. 443-453

Feasibility Wedges and a Meta-Architecture for Agreement: Engineering an Effective and Ethical Climate Treaty (under revision -- see esp the last part of Political Realism, Feasibility Wedges, and Opportunities for Collective Action on Climate Change for some of the arguments of this paper)

Self-Defense, Harm to Others, and Reasons for Action in Collective Action Problems, Ethics, Policy, & Environment 17: pp. 31-4

Food, the Environment, and Global Justice, forthcoming in the Oxford Handbook of Food Ethics, Oxford UP

Non-Cognitivism and Rational Inference, Philosophical Studies 153: pp. 243-259

Other (for a broader audience)
The Future of Meat, Roundtable at the Museum of Food and Drink (MOFAD) (with Peter Singer, Isha Datar, Patrick Martins, and Dave Arnold) (longer unedited version here)

How Do You Put a Price on Nature?, Swedish Public Radio Interview (with Paul Ehrlich, Asa Soutukorva, Thomas Haan, Gretchen Daily, Robert Griffin, and Larry Crowder)